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Our firm's cross-functional Research teams collaborate closely with federal, state, and local agencies on challenging and high-impact projects that focus on providing data-driven solutions to complex policy problems. These projects draw on a broad spectrum of skills including project management, statistical programming, technical writing, and clinical and policy expertise. This work leverages our firm's unparalleled access to the universe of Medicare and Medicaid claims data to inform policymaking.

Individual team members commonly take on a variety of complementary responsibilities, which provide opportunities both for lateral growth and the development of in-depth knowledge in areas including data analysis, technical communication to a wide range of audiences, and the management of multi-faceted, complex projects.


Research Operations

The Research Operations group helps push our firm's research forward. We work with teams across the firm to address problems, questions, and suggestions that are raised by the research side. Fundamentally that entails connecting teams with the information and tools they need, which means our group’s responsibilities span everything from developing in-house references and training programs to working with our firm's tech departments on solutions for the research side.


Data Management

The Data Management team develops and maintains the data structures that supports our firm's research. This group integrates healthcare data that shapes many key policy topics, maintains systems to facilitate efficient data access by researchers, and develops complex processing algorithms that optimize efficiency, among other primary roles. The group acts as the foundation upon which researchers rely to push their work forward.


Data Visualization

The Data Analysis and Visualization Group designs and develops visually driven data products for researchers to better convey analyses and for clients to extract needed information more easily. These data visualization solutions help connect relevant findings and develop resources to host information, which best answer the applicable research questions. Our internal team works directly with our firm's research teams throughout the project work cycles, offering our firm's full support to elicit requirements, develop specifications, and iteratively design interfaces to best support our clients’ needs.


There are two main software engineering teams at our firm: Application Development and Software Development.

Application Development (AppDev)

Application Development consists of seven teams that map to our development life cycle: Product Management; Graphic Design; Solutions Architecture; Data Visualization; Front- and Back-End Development; Quality Assurance; and DevOps.

AppDev develops a wide-range of internal and client-facing browser-based products and services, including data life cycle management software (audit, track, and notify); advanced data visualization analytics; and real-time data query solutions.

AppDev uses a Scrum-based Agile methodology, works in the JavaScript/Java development stacks, and uses Kubernetes for automated deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. There is a heavy reliance on automation in Quality Assurance and DevOps due to the large number of distinct products in constant development and the need for quick releases in a Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) model.


Software Development (SD)

The Software Development team implements software solutions to support data collection, data analysis, data management, collaboration, and project management activities for a variety of ongoing business projects. These software solutions are based on a robust architecture that provides flexibility to support growth at scale, and to deliver secure mechanisms to protect highly sensitive data.

The SD team uses modern development technologies based in a .NET stack and adheres to an Agile process that implements security, accessibility, and quality standards to deliver high-quality software products used by thousands of users.


Technical Communications

The Technical Communications team coordinates some of our firm’s technical projects using Agile and predictive life cycle techniques; composes end-to-end technical documentation on our products, including but not limited to user support materials, security documentation, system specifications, and policies and procedures; and identifies ways to improve the user experience (UX) of our products.


Product Operations and Support

The Acumen Web Portal (AWP) Product Operations and Support (Product Ops) Team provides technical assistance and operational support for the AWP system, a Web-based application composed of over 100 secure web portals that support various data, management, and research projects. This team coordinates activities throughout the AWP product life cycle, maintains internal system and compliance documentation, and delivers excellent end-user support and client services to an ever-growing community of thousands of web portal users and stakeholders.


IT Operations

The Information Technology (IT) Operations department provides technology support, security enforcement, and networking infrastructure to our firm while ensuring the quality and reliability of our systems for employees and clients.


Data Security

The Data Security team provides cybersecurity guidance to our firm and monitors the security of our data and systems to ensure that we comply with security mandates, such as the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Company Operations

The Company Operations teams provide administrative and resource support to the whole organization. These teams include: Human Resources, Finance, Recruiting, Operations, Administration, and Facilities.

Human Resources handles employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Finance manages the planning, organizing, auditing, accounting and directing of our firm's finances. Recruiting actively sources for candidates, conducts interviews, and screens for open positions. Operations administers business practices to create efficiency while maximizing value. Administration coordinates office activities and operations to ensure employees have what is necessary to be productive. Facilities outfits the office to support all work.


SUMMER Internship program

The summer internship program at our firm provides interns with a hands-on, professional experience by having them contribute to projects.

Internship positions are posted in the Fall and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Internships start in June and typically last 10-12 weeks. The internship program is open to collegiate rising seniors and first year Master's students.

Recent grads

Our firm is committed to the professional development of employees and offers entry-level opportunities on our research, technical, data, and administrative teams. We offer Analyst, Programming, and Writer training for new hires in the Data and Policy Analysts positions.

We value our employees’ health and welfare, offering comprehensive benefits to meet the needs of all our employees. Our employee benefits include:

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans
  • Retirement Plans
  • Disability Insurance
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Legal Services
  • Paid Holidays
  • Personal Development Programs
  • Wellness Programs
  • Life/Accident & Disability Insurance

Equal Opportunity Employment

Acumen, LLC & The SPHERE Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer that complies with the laws and regulations set forth in the following EEO Is The Law Poster.

If you need assistance with the application process due to a disability, please email or call (650) 558-8882 x1265.